● V-PROCESS: it is excellent process whcih use vacuum to keep the mold, use dry sand as molding material without any chemical bonder. By this process we can get excellent casting quality with best casting surface. There have no limitation on the casting material. Usuallly we use this process produce following type of castings:

1.Castings which have good batch quantity;

2.Castings which have relatively simple structures, and medium or large size;

● Characteristics& Advantages of v-process casting technology

1.V-process using dry sand without any chemical binder, under the vaccum pressure to get stable mold;

2.No chemical binder consumption can reduce the production cost;

3.No pollution, environmental friendly;

4.Excellent surface quality (Ra12.5);

5.High dimensional accuracy;

6.Suitable for all kinds of metal materials;

● How it work

.●Typical castings cases by v-process casting technology