● Resin sand casting process(No bake process): It uses resin as the binder material, composite with hardening materials to mix with sand, and get the final mold. Resin sand casting process been widely used in production of cast iron castings and cast steel castings. Usually we use furan resin produce cast iron castings and use alkali phenolic resin sand process for steel material castings.

Through resin sand process we can get excellent casting quality. We have been using this process for gray iron casting and ductile iron casting for lone time, max casting weight we can produce is 3 tons now. With this process, we have advaned production line, and also we have flexibal facilities to meed customers demand for big quantity casting and small quantity casting.

● Characteristics& Advantages of v-process casting technology 

      1.The sand mold has high stiffness after hardening,  thus the casting dimension accuracy is high, CT9-CT10 as normal.

      2. Reduce the internal defects such as shrinkage cavity and porosity for grey iron and ductile iron castings. 

      3.The surface quality of castings is good, roughness is between Ra25—Ra50. 

      4.Small machining allowance, saving processing cost.

● How it work



Typical castings cases by No bake process:

Machine tool bed
Gear box
Mechinery parts