Production facilities

We have suitable facilities for diffrent process and production. Our production factories are located in different areas of China, and the transportation is convenient and all are ISO-certified factories, which can meet the production of most products. At the same time, we are also expanding factories in other regions such as India, Vietnam, etc. As a global metal parts supplier, we have a global vision to provide customers with the best choice of cost and quality.

The following are some of our typical factory, you can refer to

Ductile iron production facilities

Suitable for ductile iron castings: material range from QT400-15 to QT700-2
Casting weight range: 100kg to 2000kg;
Machining ability: excellent;
Inspection: CMM

Production ability is most important part for casting production. It is related to the quantiy directly. We pay much attention on the production facilities of our factory. We try to make most suitable equipment to meet our dimend for big and small casting, for different process, for different material and for different customer demand. 

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