Manganese steel & chrome iron casting production facilities

We produce manganese steel and chrome iron castings for mining industry, cement industry, powder plant and other industries.  We use standard facilities for such materials to be sure our products have right quality. There have many special aspects when produce these materials, like heat treatment and other details, so facilities is one of most important part to get qualified castings. 

Mean while, we use different kind of processes for manganese steel and chrome iron castings, there have no one process can be suitable for all castings, by using different process we can get goo quality castings in lowest cost.

Production process

Sodium silica sand casting process: now it is most common process in China for chrome iron castings and manganese steel castings especiall good for heavier castings.

Lost foam process: it is also very common process now and been used produce some smaller castings which less weight; it is not suitable for big castings more than 50kg.

We use this process produce some jaws, bigger hammers, and some of cones, which have excllent surface quality. By this process we can also get more accurate dimensions.

We use shell molding proces some smaller castings which have higher requirment on surface qyality and dimensions, like some small hammers and wear plate. 

Melting Faciliy

6-Ton induction melting furnace
4-Ton induction melting furnace
2-Ton induction melting furnace

Molding Faciliy

Flexible molding facilities;

Heat treatment furnace


It is very important for manganese steel and chrome iron casting production.
3.4*2.3*1.8 meters heat treatment furnace
2.2*1.2*1 meters heat treatment furnace

Machining Facility

1.60m vertical lathe
2.00m vertical lathe
2.50m CNC vertical lathe
3.15m CNC vertical lathe
2.6m milling machine
2m*6m plano miller

Finishing Facility

1250 tons press machine
Catenary shot blasting machine
Arbon arc gouging
Hand-Held grinder

Inspection Facility

OBLF spectrometer
Metallographic inspection tool
Hardness test machine
Impact test machine
Dimensions and angle inspection tools
PT/UT inspection tools/materials