Manganese steel castings

Manganese steel products been widely used for many parts which under high wear and high impact conditions; and also been widely used for customers who working in quarrying, mining, coal industry, steel industry and other industries. We have sullying manganese steel castings to our customers for many years and we pay great attention to the product quality, from smelting, modeling to pouring, heat treatment, we have a complete technical specification, to ensure the quality stability of batch products.

Our production ability and new technology introduction as follow:

  1. Download~Solution for wear resistant castings
  2. Download~Wear parts with alloy insert introduction 2020

Spare parts for cone crusher

Typical products are cones, check plate, wear plate and others; we supplying standard OEM products, and we supplying products matching with most of brands.

Typical products are jaws, check plate, wear plate, toggle plate and others;

We are supplying all kinds of manganese hammers, from 1kg to 500kg; used for all kinds of hammer crushers; meanwhile, we also supplying bimetal hammers and hammers with TiC insert which can improve the hammer life.

Liners for crushers/millers

We supply lot of manganese steel material wear plates to our customers. These plats usually used for mill machine and other machines for mining industry and power plants.