Many reliable and professional factories supply machining, welding, HT and surface finish treatment for JH. 

Machining sourcing includes various traditional machines, VMC, HMC, gantry CNC machine, H and V CNC lathe, boring&milling CNC , gear making machine and costumed machined. size of parts can be 10mm to 5000mm, weight range can be machined is 1kg to 5000kg. perfect inspection equipment, eg, projector, profile tester, pneumatic micrometer, CMM and special gages per customer requirements.

JH can handle following heat treatment, such as, Q+T, carburization, nitridation, carbonitriding, induction, etc.

JH is capability on paint, powder, e-coat, zn plating, galvanizing, Ni plating, Cr plating, Dacromet, Al anodic oxidation, Black, Phosphorization, etc.

Vertical CNC

Horizontal CNC

Horizontal CNC

Horizontal CNC lathe

Vertical CNC lathe

Milling and Turning CNC

Gantry CNC machine

CNC boring and milling machine

A SUCESSFUL case – Gear machining

Some of insepction tools:

Gear Inspection equipment

Middle Size CMM

Gantry CMM 4m*8m*3m