Jaw crusher spare parts

We are supplying large quantity of jaw crusher spare parts to our customers. Castings mainly including jaw plates, check plates, toggle plate, pitman, flywheels, axis and others. For different kind of castings we are producing in different foundries, and we put the most suitable casting in most suitbable foundry to keep right quality and best cost.

Casting materials including following:

  • High manganese steel (Mn13Cr2 and Mn18Cr2);
  • Alloy steel and carben steel;
  • Gray iron or ductile iron materials;
Jaw plate: Mn18Cr2
Jaw plate: composite
Check plate
Tonggle plate
Pit man
Fly wheel

Advantages of our production:

1. New type of castings: 

We produce jaw plates combined with hard alloy bars, working life increase 50% for some of customers, the hard alloy bars will be as the main wear media.

The hard alloy bars is made by TiC material which have excellent hardness, and it can give longer working time for jaws. 

2. Better production process:

We are using different kind of processes for different type of jaws. We are using vacuum process to get better casting quality for jaws.

By new process, our castings have better dimensional accuracy and casting surface is much better than old process, which gain great admire from customers.