Precision casting is also called lost wax casting, its products are precise, complex, close to the final shape of the parts, no processing or very little processing on direct use, is a near net form of the advanced technology.

The development of investment casting technology enables investment casting to produce not only small castings, but also large castings. The outline size of the largest investment casting is nearly 2m, while the minimum wall thickness is less than 2mm.At the same time, the investment casting is more precise, besides the linear tolerance, the parts can also achieve higher geometric tolerance.The surface roughness of investment casting is getting smaller and smaller, up to ra0.4mum.

It is always most important topic for our customers to reduce production cost but be sure the casting can meet with requirement. In this aspect, we have the most advantages. We have use different ways to get the mold:

  • By sodium silica material;
  • By composite material;
  • By silica sol (low temperature wax)
  • By silica sol (medium temperature wax)

We choose the appropriate process according to the different products of customers, to ensure that the products meet the needs of customers and reduce the production cost, to meet the needs of customers for different products.