Heat resistant castings

Heat resistant is the material with high strength and stability used at high temperature. It is often used in industries and fields such as metallurgy, heat treatment, cement, power plants and so on. According to different applications, this kind of material needs to have good toughness, weldability and microstructure stability in addition to high temperature strength and resistance to high temperature oxidation corrosion.

Jianheng Metal now produce and supplying such castings, and they are mainly used in cement, metallurgy, power plants, heat treatment and other industries. The product materials mainly include steel and iron heat resistant materials.

Standard and grade

GB 9437RTCr, RTCr2, RTCr16, RTSi5, RQTSi4, RQTSi4Mo, RQTSi5, RQTAl4Si4, RQTAl5Si5, RQTAl22
GB/T 2087806Cr25Ni20, ZG40Cr25Ni20Si2, ZG40Cr25Ni12Si2
EN 102951.4777,  1.4837, 1.4848

Products market

  1. For cement plants – Products for cement plants
  2. Grate bars for mealting plats, boilers or incinerators – Grate bars

Typical products

Noamlly the castings been used under 1100℃ conditions. 

  • Grate plate for grate cooler
  • Grate bar
  • Heat treatment tray
  • Nozzle
  • Rotary kiln spare parts

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