Hammer crusher spare parts

We are supplying different kind of hammers for our customers for different kind of using, we also produce hammers by customers drawings or other requirement. Follow are the type of hammers we are supplying now.

  • High manganese hammer: weight from 3kg to 50kg, material including Mn13% and 18% manganese steel;
  • Hammers by new process: we are using v-process for some bigger quantity hammers, and casting quality is much better, higher dimensional accuracy with better surface finishing, production process have no pollution;
  • Hammers for metal crushers: usually we use 13%Mn manganese with Cr;
  • Bimetal hammer: composite high chrome material with alloy steel (carbon steel), hardness of working part is >60HRC, hardness of non-working part is 150-400HB (by customers requirement);
  • Hammer composite with hard alloy: use hard alloy to increase the working life of the hammers;
  • Hammer composite with ceramic: use ceramic as grinding media, to increase the working life of the hammers;
Manganese hammer
Hammer by v-process
Metal crusher hammer
Bi-metal hammer
Hard alloy hammer