Gray iron castings

Gray cast iron is a relatively inexpensive cast iron material with good casting properties and machining performance. It is widely used in various mechanical parts such as frames, boxes, and shells. The graphite inside gray cast iron is distributed in flakes. Graphite is prone to stress concentration, so gray cast iron has low strength, plasticity and toughness, but has excellent shock absorption, low notch sensitivity and wear resistance.


  • Green sand process—for small and medium size parts with low dimension requirement. (CT11-CT14,  0.2-200kg).
  • Resin sand process—for medium and large size parts with high dimension requirement. (CT10-CT11,  100kg-3000kg).
  • Shell molding process— for small and medium size parts with stirct dimension requirement. (CT7-CT9,  ≤50kg).
  • Lost foam process—for small and medium size parts with complex structure. (CT7-CT9, ≤100kg).
  • Vacuum process — for medium and large parts with great surface roughness. (CT7-CT9, ≤10000kg).

Material standard

As a global metal parts supplier, Jianheng Metal applies industry specifications from various countries in the world to ensure that the metal parts it supplies meet customers’ local standards. The following are the main industry standards to be complied with: ISO185, GB / T 9439, DIN_EN_1561, DIN_EN_1691, BS 1254, JIS G5501 and ASTM A48. The main materials that can be produced are as follows:


185/JL/150, 185/JL/200, 185/JL/225, 185/JL/250, 185/JL/275, 185/JL/300

GB/T 9439

HT150, HT200, HT225, HT250, HT275, HT300

EN 1561

EN-GJL-150, EN-GJL-200, EN-GJL-250, EN-GJL-300

DIN 1691

GG-15, GG-20, GG-25, GG-30

BS 1452

150, 180, 200, 220, 250, 300

JIS G5501

FC150, FC200, FC250, FC300


No.20, No.25, No30, No.35, No.40, No.45, N0.50

Typical products and applications:

      ♦ Municipal products                                                                ♦ Mechanical parts                                                        ♦ Agricultural machinery  

      ♦ Architecture                                                                             ♦ Energy field                                                                  ♦ Cookware                                                                               

For more inquiries or technical questions, please contact the Jianheng Metal Service Team. We will provide the most reasonable technical solution and the best quotation according to your product.