Ductile iron production facilities

For different ductile iron products, according to the product size and technical requirements, we use different production processes to obtain the best cost and quality advantage.Our professional production plants are equipped with professional casting production lines, and other ball mill cast iron production equipment.From the control of raw and auxiliary materials, to smelting, to spheroidization and casting, we strictly follow the requirements of high standard ductile iron products, matching the best production process, to obtain high-quality casting products.Our factories are usually equipped with machining capacity and surface treatment capacity such as coating to ensure that the final product can meet the needs of customers. All of our factories are ISO  9001certificated.

  Casting process

Resin sand process
Flask size: Max 2000*2000mm
Process: Furan resin
Casting weight: 20-2000kg;


Green sand process
Flask size: 800*600mm;
Process: Green sand;
Casting weight: 5-100kg;

Shell molding process
Mold size: 
Casting weight: 1-20kg; 

Melting facility

Two 1T capacity induction furnaces, can melting normal grade, from QT400-18 to QT600-2;
We have carbon-sulfur analyzer and spectrograph to control the melting and inspect casting chemical compositions;

Cleaning & Machining facilities

Shot blasting machining; polishing tools; CNC machine; 

Inspection facilities

Metallographic microscope

Brinell hardness tester

Trilinear coordinates measuring instrument

Tensile testing machine