Chrome iron castings

Chrome iron is a kind of anti-wear material with excellent performance and special attention. It has much higher wear resistance than alloy steel, much higher toughness and strength than ordinary white cast iron, and it also has good anti-high temperature and anti-corrosion performance. We are supplying lot of such castings to many industries like mining, cement industry, power plants and others.

Material standard and grade

GB/T 8263 BTMNiCr2, BTCr9Ni5, BTMCr2, BTMCr8, BTMCr12, BTMCr15, BTMCr26
DIN 1695 0.9610, 0.9620, 0.9625, 0.9630, 0.9635, 0.9640, 0.9645, 0.9650, 0.9655
ISO 21988 HBW555XCr13, HBW555XCr16, HBW555XCr21, HBW555XCr27, HBW600XCr20Mo2Cu

Typical chrome iron castings

These castings are often used for wear and corrosion resistant conditions. Such as wear plate for all kinds of crushers, blow bars. Akso it been widely used in machine such as cement plant, coal industry, ect. Following are some typica castings we are supplying to our customers.

  • Wear plate for crusher
  • Pump shell and rotor
  • Blow bars from impact crusher
  • Pipe fitting
  • Milling balls;
  • Milling shell for vertical miller
  • Agriculture wear-resistant parts

For more inquiries or technical questions, please contact the Jianheng Metal Service Team. We will provide the most reasonable technical solution and the best quotation according to your product.

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