Providing best service for cement products

We providing spare parts support for whole process of cement production. We providing spare parts support for crushing, raw material mill, pre-heater, kiln, grate cooler, and final clinker grinding mill. We also providing welding products for cement production line. Our products material including wear-resistant material, heat resistant material, as well as normal steel materials. Combined with rich experience of our technique team, we have provide service for many cement plants.

1. Castings for crushers (for more crusher spare parts please click here):

  •  Hammers: manganese, bi-metal hammers(chrome iron with alloy steel) or manganese with TiC insert
  • Blow bars: manganese steel, chrome iron with or without ceramic

2. Castings for miller:

  • Roller for vertical miller: chrome iron with or without ceramic, surface welded material;
  • Grinding table for vertical miller
  • Grinding balls: cast balls and forged balls;
  • Wear plate for ball mill: alloy steel, manganese steel material;
  • Other steel spare parts for ball mill (gears, bearing seat and cover)

3. Castings for preheater:

  • Hanger plate: heat resistant material;
  • Valve plate: heat resistant material;
  • Nozzle: heat resistant material

4. Castings for kiln: (for more heat resistant casting information please click here)

  • Kiln inlet and outlet casting: typical material such as Cr25Ni20;
  • Girth gear: alloy steel;
  • Roller: alloy steel;
  • Tyre: alloy steel;
  • Check wheel: alloy steel;

5. Grate cooler

  • Grate plate: heat resistant material,typical material such as Cr25Ni20;
  • Cooler grate: heat resistant material, typical material such as Cr25Ni20;

6. Welding parts

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