Our products

Jianheng Metal is a global supplier for metal products especially for all kinds of casting products.

Our products are mainly casting products, forging products and some of welding products. We also provide metal parts products produced by other special processes. Our products are geared towards customer needs, covering most metal materials, and the product types are diverse. Our team has expertise in the field of metal parts and has many years of experience in production. It can provide certain guidance services for the selection and production of customer products. At the same time, the products we supply also have good quality assurance, which is mainly based on We fully understand customer needs. So far, our products and services have been exported to the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Poland, South Korea, the United States, South Africa, India, Algeria and other countries.

In order to meet customers’ demand for different metal parts, we have the ability to provide various metal products, including the following main product materials:

Gray iron
Ductile iron
Chrome iron
Carbon & Alloy steel
Manganese steel
Heat resistant material

If you need any information, you can also directly contact our technical service team, we will give you the best solution in a pragmatic and responsible manner.

You can also visit our production process or production facilities to know more information about us.