Production process

As a global metal parts supplier, Jianheng Metal need to meet the demands of customers in different industries and different regions. In the face of diversified product requirements, we have organized different production casting process to meet the product needs of different customers. The current product technology covers most of the product areas, including cast iron, cast steel, non-ferrous alloys and some special material metal parts. At the same time, the diversified casting process also covers metal parts of different sizes and weights from large to small. From a few grams to tens of tons, Jianheng Metal continuously optimizes the production process of products in order to provide customers with the best cost-effective product production solutions.


Following are the production process now we are using to produce castings for our customers. We choose process based on castings type and requirement, to be sure that we can use right process get right quality castings. Meanwhile we can also reduce production cost by modify production process for certain castings.

Vacuum process
Resin sand process
Sodium silica sand
Shell molding
Lost foam process
Green sand process
Investment casting


We are supplying lot of products produced by forging process. We have open & closed die forging process for most kinds of products. Products material including carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminium and some other special materials.
We also have rolled ring forging process for ring castings by many kinds of steel materials. 
Cold rotary forging process is our another process for small forging products and mainly for aluminium material and copper alloy material.

Open die forging
Closed die forging
Rolled ring forging
Cold Rotary Forging
Cutting machine
Wire forming


Machining sourcing includes various traditional machines, VMC, HMC, gantry cnc machine, H and V cnc lathe, boring&milling cnc, gear making machine, cylindrical grinding machine, Hole grinding machine, centerless grinding machine, honing machine, broacher, and costumed machined. Size of parts can be 10mm to 5000mm, weight range can be machined from 1kg to 5000kg.

Vertical CNC
Horizontal CNC
Milling and Turning
Gantry CNC
Boring and milling
Grinding machine
Honing machine

Surface & heat treatment

We can handle the following heat treatment, such as, Q+T, carburization, nitridation, carbonitriding, induction, etc.
We have capability on paint, powder, e-coat, zn plating, galvanizing, Ni plating, Cr plating, Dacromet, Al anodic oxidation, Black oxide, phosphorization, etc.

Vacuum furnace
Continuous furnace
Gas furnace
Resistance furnace
Galvanize & Nikel


Perfect inspection equipments, eg, projector, profile tester, pneumatic micrometer, CMM and special gages per customer requirements.

Cutter calibration
Gantry CMM
Middle Size CMM
Gear Inspection
Leak test
Roughness tester
3D scan
X-RAY Test
Plating thickness tester
Paint thickness tester

For more help about our process

We always focued on most suitable process for our customers products. Since there have lot of different process, produce same castings by different process will have different advantages. We pay attention to analyze the customers products and demand. Except that, make full communication with customer about different aspects, and then finally choose the best solution for our customers. We have established long term cooperation with many customers, and we get more and more ability to modify the better process for our customers.

You can also visit our products information and our production facilities for more infromation. If you have any questions about us, welcome to contact with our technical team, we will provide intime service to you.