Carbon & alloy steel castings

We are supplying carbon steel castings with C:0.15-0.50%; it is very commen material which been widely used in many different industries. We supplying carbon steel castings according to the drawings and technqiue requirement from customers. The main production process for castings are sodium silica sand process and investment casting process. We also use lost foam process producing some complicated casting with lower technique requirements.

Alloy steel is based on carbon steel, some other alloy elements are added, and supplemented by different heat treatment and processing technology, to obtain steel with different excellent properties. Generally, such material products has a good combination of strength, toughness, wear resistance and so on to meet the needs of different industries and different customers.

We are supplying castings weight range from 0.1kg to 5000kg for single piece. Normally the typical production process are investment casting process for small and complicated casting, sodium silica sand process or resin sand casting process for big castings. 

Standard and grade for alloy steel
Follow standard and grade are the castings we are supplying to our customers. We also open to provide customization service for special material and requirements.

GB/T 3077 Mn series, SiMn series, Cr series, CrMo series, CrMoV series, CrNiMo series

Standard and grade

GB 11352 ZG200-400, ZG-230-450, ZG-270-500, ZG310-570, ZG340-640
DIN EN 10293 GE200(1.0420), GE240(1.0446), GE300(1.0558)
JIS G5101 SC 360, SC 410, SC 450, SC 480
ASTM A27 Grade N-1, Grade N-2, Grade U-60-30, Grade 60-30, Grade 65-35, Grade 70-36, Grade 70-40.

Typical products of alloy steel castings

Typical products of carbon steel castings

Carbon steel casting has good toughness, is widely used in the production of various industries of metal parts. Following are some typical casting photos produced by us. We produced many parts by this material, and castings mainly used in railway, bridge, various kinds of construction projects, manufacturing various metal components under static load and unimportant mechanical parts and general welding parts without heat treatment.

For more inquiries or technical questions, please contact the Jianheng Metal Service Team. We will provide the most reasonable technical solution and the best quotation according to your product.