Grey iron production facilities

Gray cast iron is a relatively inexpensive cast iron material with good casting properties and machining performance. It is widely used in various mechanical parts such as frames, boxes, and shells. The graphite inside gray cast iron is distributed in flakes. Graphite is prone to stress concentration, so gray cast iron has low strength, plasticity and toughness, but has excellent shock absorption, low notch sensitivity and wear resistance.

Casting process

Green sand process(Horizental flaskless molding machine)
No bake process
Lost foam process
Shell molding process

Melting facilities

0.5—5Tons induction melting furnace;   The spectrometer ;   Cast iron thermal analyzer;  

Medium induction furnace
Shaking ladle
Direct reading spectrometer
Cast iron themal analyzer

Cleaning & Machining facilities

Shot blasting machining; polishing tools; CNC machine; 

Hook type shot blasting machine.
Caterpillar shot blasting machine.
CNC Center
Vertical machining center
Longmen process center

Inspection facilities

Tension test machine
Casting sand tester
Brinell /Rockwell hardness tester

Environmental protection facilities

Workshop dust removal equipment
Oxsgen waste gas treatment
Electirc furnace dust remover bag
Triethylamine waste gas treatment